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Elmira, NY


KETTLE IS IN EXCELLENT CONDITION WITH THE NORMAL PATINA OF A COMMERCIAL & PROFESSIONALLY USED PIECE OF EQUIPMENT. THIS STEAM KETTLE IS FROM A PUBLIC SCHOOL WHICH USED IT FOR ONE-MEAL-A-DAY AND ONLY FOR THE 9 MO. SCHOOL CALENDAR, UNLIKE: ASSISTED LIVING CENTERS, CATERING FACILITIES, COLLEGES, CORRECTIONAL FACILITIES, COUNTRY CLUBS, HEALTHCARE FACILITIES, HOSPITALS, HOTELS, NURSING HOMES, PRISONS, RESORTS, SKI CENTERS & UNIVERSITIES WHICH TYPICALLY USE AND ABUSE THEIR EQUIPMENT FOR 3, 4 & SOMETIMES 5 MEALS A DAY AND 12 MONTHS A YEAR.....THUS; THIS KETTLE HAS FAR LESS "MILEAGE" THAN THE ABOVE MENTIONED USERS. WHOLESALE EQUIPMENT RESOURCE, LLC. = AMERICA'S STEAM KETTLE HEADQUARTERS ! We are pleased and proud to offer the world famous GROEN AH/1-20, NAT. GAS 20 GAL. STATIONARY STEAM KETTLE WITH 1.5" TDO (TANGENT DRAW OFF VALVE), STEAM, BOIL, BEER, BREW, COOKING KETTLE. (STOCK#: 514) GROEN FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT is considered the "GOLD STANDARD" & "ROLLS ROYCE" of all kettle manufacturer's world wide ! GROEN STEAM KETTLES are the most efficient high volume cooking & production piece of equipment an operator can own enabling you to: Blanch, Boil, Braise, Cook, Fry, Poach, Re-Thermalize, Saute, Simmer, Steam, Stew, Steam Bake LARGE QUANTITIES of : Baked Beans, Beef Barbecue, Beef Consomme`, Beef Stew, Beef Stock, Beer, Bisque, Boiled Ham, Bone Stew, Bouillabaisse, Broth, Chicken, Chicken Soup, Chicken Stock, Chili, Chowder, Corned Beef Briskets, Couscous, Clams, Crab, Crab Legs, Custard, Deshanis Sauce, Duck, Eggs, Goulash, Gravies, Gumbo, Hams, Hash, Hot Cereal, Hot Cocoa, Icing, Jams, Jellies, Maple Syrup, Marinades, Marmalades, Mashed Potato, Mead, Menudo, Mush, Mussels, Lobster, Noodles, Oatmeal, Paella, Pasta, Pastramis, Pork, Pork Barbecue, Pot Roast, Preserves, Puddings, Rice, Salad Dressings, Salsa's, Sauces, Sausages, Scrambled Eggs, Scrapple, Seafood, Shellfish, Shrimp, Spaetzle, Soups, Stews, Stock, Stuffing, Tongue, Toppings, Turkey and the list goes on and on, limited only by your Culinary imagination ! •20 gallon capacity steam kettle is 2/3 jacketed and features stainless steel finish. ($28,618.00 new published value) •Includes 6” stainless steel adjustable feet. •Includes stainless steel FISHER single temperature faucet & mounting bracket. •Control panel on front right side of unit. •Standard controls include direct immersion thermostat, water sight glass, pressure gauge. •Operation up to 30 PSI at 300°F. •100,000 BTU's. •NSF certified. •Electric, 115V-1PH. GROEN STEAM KETTLES are the hardest working "cooking employee" in the kitchen !!! Kettle was working when taken out of service. •SAVES TIME AND COOKS MORE FOOD IN LESS SPACE • REDUCES FUEL COSTS ! • ASSURES UNIFORM & RELIABLE RESULTS ! •YOUR INVESTMENT IN THIS KETTLE WILL PAY FOR ITSELF FAST BECAUSE COOKING IN LARGER QUANTITIES SAVES FOOD COST AND LABOR COST ! STAINLESS STEEL COOKING SURFACE, STAINLESS STEEL FLAVOR SAVER COVER, & STAINLESS STEEL EXTERIOR ASSURES EASE OF CLEANING AND MAXIMIZED SANITATION CAPABILITY. •NSF & UL APPROVED ! •Manufacturer's new value today for kettle = $28.618.00. Do not "sit on the fence" or you will be disappointed, as this will sell extremely fast !!! OVERALL SIZE: 39.5" wide, 44.75" deep, 40" high. CLICK HERE FOR FACTORY SPECIFICATION SHEETS: THE SMART BUYER DOESN'T SIT ON THE FENCE WHEN QUALITY EQUIPMENT OF THIS CALIBRE IS OFFERED !!! WHOLESALE EQUIPMENT RESOURCE, LLC. = AMERICA'S STEAM KETTLE HEADQUARTERS ! Visit: WWW.USEDSTEAMKETTLES.COM • TERMS & CONDITIONS: ◦FOB: ELMIRA, NY. 14901 ◦AS IS, WHERE IS, NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OFFERED. SERVICE CONTRACTS ARE AVAILABLE FROM YOUR LOCAL SERVICE PROVIDERS AT EXTRA COST. ◦STUDY THE PHOTOGRAPHS CAREFULLY, ONLY THE EQUIPMENT AS SEEN AND DESCRIBED IN THE COPY IS INCLUDED. ◦FOR SHIPMENT TO A NEW YORK STATE ADDRESS, APPLICABLE TAXES WILL BE ADDED UNLESS A TAX EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE IS SUPPLIED. ◦EQUIPMENT READY FOR PRIVATE TRUCK LOADING. ◦PALLETIZING, SKELETAL CRATING, FULL CRATING OR EXPORT CRATING AVAILABLE AT EXTRA COST, CONTACT US FOR DETAILS IF NEEDED. ◦WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS OR PAY-PAL FOR PAYMENTS. WE DO ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS, BANK CHECKS, CERTIFIED CHECKS, US POST OFFICE MONEY ORDERS ONLY. NOTE: THE RELEASE OF EQUIPMENT TO CARRIER WILL BE ONLY AFTER OUR BANK ACKNOWLEDGES CLEARED PAYMENT. ◦IF YOU HAVE COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS, PLEASE CALL (607)742-7107 or E-MAIL. PAYMENT OF ITEMS A. Payment must be made within 3 days of the acceptance of your offer. B. We will send you a final notice if we don't receive your payment after 7 days of the sale date, report your account to eBay for dispute of non-payment and re-list the item. SHIPPING AND CLAIMS Please check all items for damage immediately upon delivery, BEFORE accepting them from the Carrier!! If you fail to do so, you may forfeit any damaged shipment claims ! See items: J,K,L & M below. C. We ship anywhere in US and Canada. For Canada, we will need your “Custom Broker's” name and number for Custom Agency purposes. If you do not have one, we can refer you to one. D. For overseas shipping, we will ship to a “Port Terminal” anywhere within the continental USA. Note: you will be responsible for the cost of freight to the “Port Terminal”, contact us for a quote if applicable. You are responsible for all arrangements for shipping to the destination country. E. NOTE: if shipping abroad, professional overseas crating is suggested, contact us for quote. F. We have a loading dock and forklift capability for local pick-up of large and heavy items. G. Used equipment will be shipped in the condition as described in the published listing, read carefully. H. Please allow up to 5 days after payment have been received and cleared to our account, for item to be shipped. I. If skeletal crating, full crating or overseas crating is involved, allow extra time for same to be custom fabricated for your equipment. Crating and palletizing of any kind is optional, contact us for quote if applicable. J. The “Buyer/Consignee” is responsible for filing claims with the Shipping Carrier. K. If there is obvious, or you suspect hidden damage pertaining to the shipment, please note it on all copies of the “Delivery Receipt” and immediately contact the Carrier to file a claim. L. KEEP the original packaging until inspected, and then follow the claim instructions. M. Please understand that the Shipping Carrier is a separate entity and we are not liable for items that are damaged in transit. O. Our shipping quote price if provided, is for delivery to a COMMERCIAL address with unloading yourself. P. Please let us know if your shipping address is for a commercial/business, residential, church, school, camp, or university. Q. You MUST specify whether or not you will need a “lift gate” service to unload the shipment which is available at extra cost, contact for quote if applicable. R. NOTE: If you do not have a truck height receiving/unloading dock and depending of the total weight, you will most likely need a "lift gate" delivery. S. Supply business name and the precise address where equipment is to be sent. T. Supply contact person's name, e-mail address, phone and cell phone number for delivery. U. There will be an additional charge for a residential delivery address if applicable. Z-1). Additional information: Z-2). 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Stainless steel hinged coverFLAVOR SAVING & MOISTURE SAVING.